Video Production

Slack Hoagies – The Philly-based Slacks Hoagie Shack recently opened up a north Wilmington location. Owner Tim invites you to sample their delicious subs, place an order for delivery, or arrange catering for your next corporate or social event. A dynamic background (produced with Compass’s in-house green screen) and lively montage underscore Tim’s warm welcome. Cuddle My Kids is a non-profit organization serving families affected by cancer. This video offers a overview of the group’s history and mission, culminating in a brief appeal for charitable donations.  Also included is a tribute to the late cancer survivor for whom the group’s annual service award is named.
The First Flight Meet the latest addition to our arsenal of cutting edge production tools. The phantom quadcopter enables us to shoot video from altitudes of up to (?) feet. It’s a cost-effective way to grab powerful establishing shots, illustrate the full sweep of an industrial operation, or capture fast-moving action. Check out this sample footage from one of our early test runs.