Compass develops powerful E-learning modules to deliver your training content. The small sample above covers subject matter from hostile workplace awareness to coaxial cable installation. Each program offers a high degree of learner control over pacing and display. Electricity 101 offers training in personal protective equipment, utility pole components, and the responsibilities of a utility worker during a storm. The module ends with a series of graphic, interactive test questions.
The Hazards Communication Program – trains learners in OSHA standards for the documentation of hazardous materials. The program also covers potential routes of exposure to hazardous materials. Interactive features include a search function and an optional text view of voice-over narration. Your Dog and You – explains the legal definitions of terms like “organic” and “natural” through a colorfully designed graphic interface.

Video Production

Our video production reel offers a quick overview of the ways we put video to work to meet your training and promotional needs. The North East River Marina provides boat rental, storage and service in a family friendly atmosphere. In this short promotional video, owners Craig and Amy DeSimone introduce you to the values and goals of their family-owned business.
The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – This is an excerpt on a full dvd that we made regarding substation safety.