Hazards Communication Program – Trains workers on OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard. Features in-depth exploration of a Safety Data Sheet. Upon completion learners are able to:
  • Properly recognize and handle hazardous materials
  • Better understand risks of chemical exposure
  • Avoid and reduce these risks through proper communication
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Financial Reporting – Trains pet hospital personnel in the basics of financial reporting. Upon completion learners are able to:
  • Explain a profit and loss statement
  • Describe the “Big 3” financial reports
  • Identify additional financial reports
  • Cite differences in the definition of revenue
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Fiber Optic Splicing – Trains on the use of a fiber optic cable splicer. Upon completion learners are able to:
  • Prepare and splice cables
  • Identify safety precautions
  • Clean and maintain splicer
  • Operate data controller
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Damage Assessor – Trains energy personnel on expanded duties during severe storms and other crises. Upon completion learners are able to:
  • Identify required personal protective equipment
  • Identify time away from home requirements
  • Properly document damage
  • Drive more safely in dangerous conditions
Authored in Storyline 360
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